Answers to some questions on Stress

In the earlier days, stress got triggered by our brain as a response to nearby threats so that we can either fight it or escape from it. But in modern times (obviously current time), we have many activities (job, exams, etc) which our brain reads/takes as constant threats. Guess what, the stress levels are alwaysContinue reading “Answers to some questions on Stress”

Can stress kill you?

Stress is being faced by almost everyone today. I feel so bad that even the teenagers, in their age to enjoy the things at fullest go through constant stress due to hectic work given by schools and recurring examinations almost every month. Stress can trigger anxiety which as a health condition, causes heart problems, forgetfulness,Continue reading “Can stress kill you?”

Are stress and anxiety related?

Stress is a short term response to a nearby threat, but prolonged stress about various things in one’s life can trigger anxiety which is a health condition. Thus, understand this thing, stress is an event and not a disorder/disease but supposed to be short term, and anxiety is a health condition develops due to aContinue reading “Are stress and anxiety related?”

How stress affects the body?

Stress releases ‘Cortisol’ in your body, the hormone that makes you alert instantly and fill you up with nervousness in a situation not good for you. But, it is meant for a shorter period of time. Prolonged stress means a constant release of Cortisol. It will then lower the testosterone levels in men, the muscleContinue reading “How stress affects the body?”