Answers to some questions on Stress

In the earlier days, stress got triggered by our brain as a response to nearby threats so that we can either fight it or escape from it. But in modern times (obviously current time), we have many activities (job, exams, etc) which our brain reads/takes as constant threats. Guess what, the stress levels are alwaysContinue reading “Answers to some questions on Stress”

How stress affects the immune system?

Stress releases ‘Cortisol’ in your body, but prolonged stress means a constant release of Cortisol, which does lower the testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is responsible for muscular growth, beauty and well being of Men’s health. Lower testosterone levels will eventually lower the immunity power in men gradually with time. Lower testosterone makes a manContinue reading “How stress affects the immune system?”

Answers to some questions on Immunity to Diseases

We all may have had illness due to diseases (chickenpox, malaria, etc) once in our life. Our body recovers gradually due to the ability of our body, i.e. immunity. So I will be answering some questions related to immunity on TheRatedMen in non-technical terms for my brothers out there as it seems to be anContinue reading “Answers to some questions on Immunity to Diseases”

How to build immunity against a disease?

The body can build immunity against disease by vaccination for the pathogen (bacteria/virus) causing that disease. Another way of this is that the body has to deal with the disease and recover from it, once recovered the immune system of that body will remember the virus causing that disease. In some cases, the immune systemContinue reading “How to build immunity against a disease?”

How immunity power decreases?

Body immunity decreases gradually with aging. However, there are various reasons due to which your immunity can decrease which can give an invite to various diseases. Some of these reasons are: You have an underlying disease: An impaired kidney, impaired liver, HIV AIDS, etc Your diet: You do not consume a diet which can fulfillContinue reading “How immunity power decreases?”

How immunity is increased?

The immunity level of your body should always be good enough to fight bacteria/virus that may enter our body. A strong immunity tackles diseases before they develop in your The immunity level of your body should always be good enough to fight bacteria/viruses that may enter our bodies. A strong immunity tackles diseases before theyContinue reading “How immunity is increased?”