Why smoking is addictive?

About the picture above – I am not at all promoting smoking but, what this guy did in the video is pretty cool so you can hit the link below the picture above to enjoy and probably copy him (DONT, just kidding ;P). So below are one of the most brutal truths of smoking:

This is more of a phycological issue here. You know that you can be addicted to anything whether it is masturbation, scrolling Instagram/Facebook/Youtube, Netflix (Modern day addiction baby!). Anything that causes your brain to release dopamine (the FEEL GOOD hormone!) could become addictive if you do not even try to limit that activity, and the brutal truth is you let them take over you! Same goes with smoking, it somewhere feels good to smoke and you keep doing it till it becomes a habit. I have seen people saying that they could empty their bowel in the morning without smoking first. So this is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. Your brain has been deteriorated if you are at this stage.

So, most of you would be thinking, oh, I will quit smoking from tomorrow or, only once a day I swear. Just remember this, overthinking won’t help. Just try not to think about it and everything will be fine.

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