Can smoking cause Hair loss?


About the picture above – I am not at all promoting smoking but, what this guy did in the video is pretty cool so you can hit the link below the picture above to enjoy and probably copy him (DONT, just kidding ;P).

So, you are worried about your hairline? Why don’t you try the expensive shampoos that they show in the TV ads that somehow regrow new hairs instantly? Well, it is all fairy tales. If you are a regular smoker and losing hairs, then you should realize that:

1. Smoking is also playing a part in this. It actually minimizes the oxygen supply to the hair follicles making them dull and thin.

2. It increases the bad hormone in men’s body, guess which one? It is the DTH which in access attacks the hair follicles resulting baldness in the long term.

3. Smoking increases stress and you all probably know that hair fall is related to stress too.

So, most of you would be thinking, oh, I will quit smoking from tomorrow or, only once a day I swear. Just remember this, overthinking won’t help. Just try not to think about it and everything will be fine.

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