Can smoking cause Acne?


About the picture above – I am not at all promoting smoking but, what this guy did in the video is pretty cool so you can hit the link below the picture above to enjoy and probably copy him (DONT, just kidding ;P). So below are one of the most brutal truths of smoking:

Alright, you must have watched the movie scenes in which the guys are looking perfect while smoking cigarette/cigar, clear and glowing skin, and well-groomed. The well-groomed part is okay, but the clear skin myth for regular smokers is just a myth. Regular smoking can do these things to your skin:

1. Increase the oil production by the skin which can clog the pores and make your face look oily and dull, causing acne and breakouts.

2. The oxygen supply to the pore can be reduced by a greater percentage due to regular smoking. It can lower your skin tone and freshness
of your face.

3. Long term regular smoking can result in faster aging of your skin and the sad part is you realize it later on.

So, most of you would be thinking, oh, I will quit smoking from tomorrow or, only once a day I swear. Just remember this, overthinking won’t help. Just try not to think about it and everything will be fine.

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