Your questions on being at Home

Everyone (almost) is at home nowadays and they all are wondering about too many things, that it might cause different types of anxiety in them, oh lord, stop it guys! I know that you have mane questions regarding doing many things instead of counting the corners of your house. So here I am answering some randomly picked questions to help my brothers get better while they have some extra time by the virtue of coronavirus. Let’s begin!

Are at-home workouts effective?

So the gyms are closed, and the gym goers and the ones who were planning to start their six-packs journey are now wondering if the home workouts are effective? Well if you do the right workouts the right way, they are effective! The intensity, posture, reps really matter though. While hitting the reps, you should really be into the moment, it’s not like a task that once complete, you start waiting for the abs and cuts to appear. I am mentioning some workouts that could be a lot effective:

The classic push-ups – Just watch a youtube video to know the correct posture if you don’t, because that really matters while doing push-ups. Try doing 5 sets of 15 reps full-body push-ups every day and see the results after a month!

Squats – It’s all about squeezing your peach (haha). A youtube video would help you to know the correct way to do squats as most of the beginners take squats as sit-ups. The difference between them is a bit tricky. While going down, your knees should be INSIDE the level of your toes, that’s it, easier said than done. Try doing 4 sets of 20 reps and if you can carry some weight like water bottles or school bag, then it would be great!

Pull-ups – If you happen to have a place in your house where you can perform pull-ups, then you should be doing them as well! They are hard to perform for a beginner, but even doing 20 reps of them every day is worth it. At least give a try!

What at-home business can I start?

Many brands have started at the time of economical crisis because their owners worked on their ideas while they were sitting at home. As the world’s largest earning businesses are all online-based, you also can give birth to a brand or product of your own while you are at home instead of counting days. Here are some ideas that you can start working on if they get your interest:

Start a Blog: Well I am a blogger in midst of many experienced blogger friends on the internet (hello there :), if you are one of them), so I will not be commenting on how you should write and what could be the strategy to choose a topic. That is your puzzle to solve, but I know many famous bloggers out there who are earning pretty good.

Start a youtube channel: This is an amazing option if you are seriously determined about a hobby of yours and think that you could present that in a way that could entertain others. There are millions of people that watch youtube per day and people get their subscribers sooner or later. It is a great source of income for many.

Build a Mobile App: If you are into computers/technology and have interest in coding languages, learning a programming language like Java and Python which is used to create mobile applications could be a very good option. Many applications like WhatsApp, Angry birds and many more earned and still earning a fortune for the developers who just created a simple application while sitting home.

You have always been dreaming all this time to be at home, now it is the time. Just do something to become the better version of yourself. Stay Awesome!

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