What Netflix series should I watch

Except for the emergency services workers, everyone is at home these days. This is the time to learn new things, work on your passion for which you never had time before, spend time with your family, go to the mars, do a backflip jump from the top of your house or what so ever you want to do. But still, if you get some time and do not know what to do, here are the 5 SERIES that I recommend on NETFLIX that is worth watching. 

Too Hot To Handle

This is my first recommendation to watch. Released on April 17th, is a brand new reality show where 15 beautiful guys and gals are to spend one month together in a resort without any physical pleasure (yes, self pleasure is also off the list). Obviously there is a prize money at the end of the month. However, even a kiss would cost money deduction to all of them no matter who did this. This show is so fancy that it will tempt you to book a resort for a holiday with your friends after the lock down ends.

Kengan Ashura

If you are fond of anime, this is an anime action series which is mind-blowing bros. The story of the protagonist is not bad (the same orphan story but with a newish plot) and the series focuses on his revenge and a tournament. There are plenty of characters in the series and the developers have done a great job in creating their stories, looks, and fighting styles. The pleasure is when the fights begin (oh man). Give it a try! 

The Witcher

So this series is based on a video game trilogy and has gain instant popularity due to the successful game franchise on which it has been developed, the beautiful direction, and amazing graphics. The role of the Protagonist ‘Geralt of Rivia’ is well played by Henry Cavill. This series is a kind of fairy tale where you will see amazing sword fights and decent magic tricks and creatures. Want to visit another world where there is no ‘virus situation’, then give it a try! 


Another anime action series which is based on the famous superhero of Japan. This one though is a very modernized and polished version of the classic Ultraman. You would feel as if it is somewhat the mixture of Superman and Iron man together. The story is only bearable, as it focuses initially on the Protagonist but then on different other characters as if they are the protagonist, as the story progresses. However, the background music and the combats are quite good and satisfying. If you are a fan of anime superheroes, then it is definitely worth it!

Sex Education

Ooooooooo the famous Sex – Ed series based upon S-E-X. Really? No, as it also showcases the complications in the relations of a mother-son, friends, partners, etc. It busts all the myths and misbeliefs that revolve around sex and the series really educates about it in a dramatic, funny and entertaining manner. Learn how to become mature in terms of reacting to the sexual topics and encounters in your personal life in this hilarious yet beautiful series.

Spend time with your loved ones, laugh around, learn things that you want to and not have to and enjoy some good series on the internet. This is the time!

This is PART 1 of me recommending you series/movies, PART 2 will be posted soon. Tell me if you have any recommendations in the comment. Stay Awesome!

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