What hair loss is normal?

This image is of Aaron Marino aka Alpha m.

The healthiest person can see a couple of hair strands on their pillow, that is totally normal. A hair strand tends to fall after a certain period of time, which I call ‘hair life’. If you are noticing that 10-20 strands are falling every day, that is normal. On the day when you are washing your hair, even the count of 50 is pretty normal. There is a saying that “the count of hairs on our head is equal to the number of stars in the sky”, so do not worry as losing 50 stars a day won’t make any difference as long as your hair growth is good. Sometimes you will notice that around 100 strands are falling off the head for a couple of days, even that is normal as I said earlier, their life would have been completed and new hairs will grow out. But, in case this count continues to remain the same for more than 2 weeks, then it is the time to do something, RED ALERT!

Love your hair and your hair will love you. Stay Awesome!

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