How hair loss can be prevented?

This image is of Aaron Marino aka Alpha m.

When hair loss hits you, it hits you mentally, socially and aesthetically. Thus, you start to think and must be thinking right now that how to stop/prevent this torture. So here I am to help my brothers with few things that you can do to that can show good results.

Massage: Massaging your hair scalp every day for 2 minutes with your fingertip will increase the blood flow to the hair roots and help them grow stronger and faster.

Use comb once a day: Using comb once a day will spread the natural hair oils all over the scalp, but it will prevent the hair breakage from over combing. When it feels adjusting the hair, use your fingers.

Don’t mess with your hairs too often: Putting your fingers in the hair every 5 minutes will irritate the hair scalp and lead to the weakening of hairs. Leave them still as long as possible and only adjust when it is actually necessary.

Use heating equipment for hair: There are various cheap tools available online to provide heat/steam to the hair, like ‘hair spa at home’ kind of thing. Providing heat to the hair roots twice a day can will increase blood flow to the roots and moisturize the hair. Search online now!

Wash when necessary: When necessary means when your hair scalp is sweaty and feels dirty, wash it off with a mild shampoo. Leaving it dirty will give an invite to infections and hair fall and washing too often will dry it off and lead to hair fall.

Love your hair and your hair will love you. Stay Awesome!

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