Can hair loss be a sign of stress?

This image is of Aaron Marino aka Alpha m.

Homo sapiens today are involved in various activities in order to grow in their life financially and socially. But the downside of these activities is they cause constant stress in an individual’s life. Stress can trigger various health issues in an individual and one of them is hair loss. Constant stress can cause a lowering of blood flow and oxygen supply to the hair roots which in turn, can cause thinning of hair and eventually hair fall. Also, it can change the oil production rate in the scalp which can cause even drying of hair or oily hair and both the conditions can lead to hair fall. Stress can also change the hair growth cycle in which there are two phases, one is growth and second is the rest phase. When the rest phase gets prolonged than the growth phase, it can lead to balding.

Spend some time with your loved ones, have fun every day and stay away from stress. Love your hair and your hair will love you. Stay Awesome!

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