Answers to some questions on Hair Loss

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Hair loss affects everyone at a certain stage in life, and mostly in teenagers. It affects mostly men as they go bald after a certain age. It is a shame that men at an early age like 25, are going bald which can cause depression and social anxiety in them. Here are the answers to some most commonly asked questions on hair loss to help my brothers in need, without going into medicinal or technical terms.

What hair loss is normal?

The healthiest person can see a couple of hair strands on their pillow, that is totally normal. A hair strand tends to fall after a certain period of time, which I call ‘hair life’. If you are noticing that 10-20 strands are falling every day, that is normal. On the day when you are washing your hair, even the count of 50 is pretty normal. There is a saying that “the count of hairs on our head is equal to the number of stars in the sky”, so do not worry as losing 50 stars a day won’t make any difference as long as your hair growth is good. Sometimes you will notice that around 100 strands are falling off the head for a couple of days, even that is normal as I said earlier, their life would have been completed and new hairs will grow out. But, in case this count continues to remain the same for more than 2 weeks, then it is the time to do something, RED ALERT!

Why hair loss occurs?

There can be literally hundreds of reasons for hair fall in an individual. Hair Loss can be declared when you lose more than 100 strands of hair per day for more than a couple of weeks and still loosing. In most men, hair loss is genetic and it is the worst of all. Please note that this one is almost impossible to be treated, but can be slowed down. In genetic hair loss, the hair starts to thin out and stuns the growth of the hair and the individual eventually goes bald with time. Other common reasons are bad hygiene of the hair scalp (most common), fungal/bacterial infection, reaction to some disease or medicine, unhealthy products for hair, grooming that can harm the hair, etc. Due to bad hygiene of the scalp, the sweat buildup can attract and accumulate dirt and oil and eventually block the scalp pores. This will weaken the hair root and make it fall off. Also, the sweaty and oily scalp can cause fungal infection which is very harmful and disgusting for your hair health. DO SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY, if you feel constant itching and redness on your scalp.

How hair loss can be prevented?

When hair loss hits you, it hits you mentally, socially and aesthetically. Thus, you start to think and must be thinking right now that how to stop/prevent this torture. So here I am to help my brothers with few things that you can do to that can show good results.

Massage: Massaging your hair scalp every day for 2 minutes with your fingertip will increase the blood flow to the hair roots and help them grow stronger and faster.

Use comb once a day: Using comb once a day will spread the natural hair oils all over the scalp, but it will prevent the hair breakage from over combing. When it feels adjusting the hair, use your fingers.

Don’t mess with your hairs too often: Putting your fingers in the hair every 5 minutes will irritate the hair scalp and lead to the weakening of hairs. Leave them still as long as possible and only adjust when it is actually necessary.

Use heating equipment for hair: There are various cheap tools available online to provide heat/steam to the hair, like ‘hair spa at home’ kind of thing. Providing heat to the hair roots twice a day can will increase blood flow to the roots and moisturize the hair. Search online now!

Wash when necessary: When necessary means when your hair scalp is sweaty and feels dirty, wash it off with a mild shampoo. Leaving it dirty will give an invite to infections and hair fall and washing too often will dry it off and lead to hair fall.

Can hair loss be a sign of stress?

Homo sapiens today are involved in various activities in order to grow in their life financially and socially. But the downside of these activities is they cause constant stress in an individual’s life. Stress can trigger various health issues (click here to my article on stress) in an individual and one of them is hair loss. Constant stress can cause a lowering of blood flow and oxygen supply to the hair roots which in turn, can cause thinning of hair and eventually hair fall. Also, it can change the oil production rate in the scalp which can cause even drying of hair or oily hair and both the conditions can lead to hair fall. Stress can also change the hair growth cycle in which there are two phases, one is growth and second is the rest phase. When the rest phase gets prolonged than the growth phase, it can lead to balding.

Hair makes us look good and losing them can cause stress for sure. But in my opinion, just follow a good hair care routine every day and stop worrying about your hair, this will help for sure.

Stay Awesome!

Below is the link of the video from which I have taken the image above, and consider watching it, he is cool!

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