Answers to some Questions on Corona virus

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As the coronavirus has already infected over 1,274,265 people all over the world till today, I think there should be a post on TheRatedMen answering some of the most commonly asked questions for my brothers.

Can coronavirus be Cured?

Until now, no specific cure has been found for this new disease called COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus. However, doctors of different countries are tackling this with medicines to some known diseases like malaria, HIV AIDS, etc. and they seem to be working in fewer patients with ‘mild’ conditions. Patients with ‘critical’ condition rarely seem to show recovery with these medicines. The only biggest hope right now is the immune system of a person’s body who is coronavirus positive that can help recover the person.

Can coronavirus live on surfaces?

In recent studies by scientists, it has been found that the novel coronavirus can live on the surfaces of various objects like glass, cardboards, fruits, veggies, etc. for a long time which we use daily and that makes this virus very contagious. Here are some objects and the time (approx.) for which the virus can live on their surface:
Glass – up to 9 days, Cardboard – up to a day, plastic – up to 3 days, etc. Thus, it is highly advised by the healthcare institutions and WHO that you should sanitize/wash everything that comes from outside to your home.

How coronavirus started in China?

There are few theories behind the outbreak of the disease in China. But, I will tell you the one which in my opinion is the most genuine reason. There is an old wet market in Wuhan, China that caused this outbreak and according to the investigation, there were several animals that were kept together including bats. Thus, this virus is probably emerged from the bats and transmitted to other animal meats and in turn caught by the person who bought the meat. The first case was reported in late December 2019, but the medicinal official who suspected initially that it is different than normal flu was silenced by the Chinese government. 

What coronavirus does to the body?

I will try to simplify the explanation of the effects caused the by novel coronavirus. At first, when the virus enters your body, it can stay there up to 14 days without you showing any symptoms of illness. This is the incubation period for the disease COVID-19 which is caused by this virus. After 14 days, you are likely to show some symptoms like cough (dry), fever, tiredness and in severe cases, difficulty in breathing (in this case, you need medical assistance). If your immune system kills the virus up to an extent, you will recover soon without any medical care, however, you should keep yourself isolated from the time you feel the symptoms till you test negative for coronavirus. In case, your immune system fails to tackle the virus, then it will attack your lungs rapidly and can lead to pneumonia in which most of the people need ventilators. People with weak immunity are at most risk from COVID-19.

When coronavirus will end?

I think today, this should be one of the most trending questions in all over the world and unfortunately, there is no answer to it as of now. Right now, we can only control this disease by social distancing on a worldly scale. However, thinking hypothetically, the virus can put to an end ONLY, when there is a vaccine available for novel coronavirus. And even if we have the vaccine, vaccinating the people around the world will at least take months to happen. Putting an end to a highly contagious virus, like this one is unrealistic in the near future. This will take years for us to see this virus vanished.

Keep washing and sanitizing your hands every two hours (at least) to keep any germs away from your hands and avoid touching your facial area. Wash the products before using them. That would do it, believe me. Just follow the instructions given by the government of your country for now and stay safe at home. Stay awesome!

Till next time!

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